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Although asbestos and lead-based paint have been known to be an important environmental problem for decades, they can still be found in many commercial, industrial and residential locations.

ENVIROCON offers a wide variety of asbestos and lead-based paint services from preliminary data collection to post-abatement verification. All our asbestos and lead-based paint work for your organization will be performed by experienced personnel certified by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ). Some of the services that may be of benefit to you include:

Asbestos Assessments/Inspections

ENVIROCON conducts all facility surveys in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), OSHA and/or LDEQ protocol, as applicable. All sampling is performed by LDEQ-accredited and licensed asbestos inspectors. These samples are collected in such a manner as to minimize defacing of building components and disruption of building use patterns and are designed to meet the client's needs.

Upon completion of the survey, a detailed report will be prepared. This report can include:

  • A summary of the survey process, and outline of procedures used,
  • Finding of the survey, including laboratory analyses, extent of asbestos-containing materials, locations identifications, logs and photographs,
  • Recommendations and conclusion,
  • And if requested, cost estimates and approximate timetables for abatement.

Asbestos Abatement Project Management

Construction monitoring and air sampling records are important legal documents illustrating your responsible actions and protecting you from future liability. During asbestos abatement air sampling, ENVIROCON's trained and certified professionals will monitor all project activities at all times during the asbestos abatement process and ensure that all work conforms to project specifications and to all applicable government regulations to further reduce this liability.

Our air monitoring services also provide documentation that abatement activities have been conducted properly and that public health has not been endangered. Baseline air samples are collected to provide a reference point for comparison with other air samples collected during the abatement process. Area air samples are continuously collected inside and outside the abatement area during actual abatement activities to ensure that proper care is being taken to protect the health of those involved in the abatement project and that no asbestos fibers are being allowed to "migrate" to ensure that area is safe for normal occupancy and to provide you with the necessary documentation required by law for the completion of your project.

In order to allow for the most rapid development of air sampling data, ENVIROCON offers on-site analysis of asbestos air samples utilizing the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 7400 method of fiber identification.

Lead Assessment/Inspections
ENVIROCON conducts all lead assessments/inspections to determine if lead containing paints, coatings or products ar present in your facility or residence, through collection of bulk, wipe and air samples in accordance with EPA, OSHA, LDEQ and/or Housing and Urban Development (HUD) protocol, as applicable. All sampling is performed by LDEQ-accredited and licensed lead inspectors and sent to laboratories that our NLLAP certified and participates in the ECPAT QA/QC program.

Lead Abatement Project Manager
ENVIROCON follows the same lead abatement project management discipline as outlined in the Asbestos Abatement project Management section.




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